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Dimensions: 9" x 12" x 19"

Mountaineer is a large pack in the utilitarian pack collection. Men, women, adults and teens can comfortably wear this pack.  Mountaineer is the perfect size for a weekend getaway or hiking trip. 

All packs available with webbing or leather harness and oak or walnut stain. Leather accessory strap attached to harness is not included.

New option: Leather accessory strap attached to harness pictured can be purchased to go with pack and will be put on harness for you.

New option: wood base liner and wood skids. They can be purchased on website and will be put on the pack for you.


Shipping costs have gone up!

If you are ordering a Sightseer, Mountaineer or Excursion Adirondack Pack Basket, you will be contacted prior to shipping. The farther an order has to ship, the more it costs. Additional shipping charges may apply.

Mountaineer - Adirondack Pack Basket with Leather Handle and Harness


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