The Berry Purse Basket is one I designed years ago as students requested a class for a basket with shoulder strap. Over the years it has evolved to be used for many things and a favorite by many.  Use as a purse, tote, even berry picking. For berry picking take the strap off, place a plastic bag inside with handle holes over ears and put the strap back on. This will protect the basket and make it easy for removing berries. I like to use the basket when traveling as it's a great way to hold several drink bottles.

Basket has a solid wood base, woven sides, handmade ears (to hold strap) and custom leather adjustable strap. Basket in stained to protect it. Stain choice oak or dark walnut 

Dimensions: Approximately overall 9" x 11" x 7 1/2"H

Berry Purse Basket

Stain Choice